Chardonnay Appetizers

Dry, low oak style such as Chablis,  White Burgundy, or dry Blanc de Blanc sparkling

Pair with light and delicate food such as raw or lightly cooked shellfish like crab and prawns and steamed or grilled fish or chicken. smoked trout 

Apricot Bacon and Banana Bites

Blue cheese-stuffed olives

Broiled garlic clams, mussels or shellfish

Celery and Carrot Sticks with a Lemon Chive Dipping Sauce

Crabcakes (homemade or frozen) with a white wine butter sauce

Fresh Goat Cheese made into a dip with Piccata Sauce blended in

Gougères (French Cheese Puffs) 

Lemony Smoked Trout or Salmon Dip and Crackers (can use smoked, canned trout, oysters, or salmon)

Oaked/and/or Buttery Style such as Napa Chardonnay

Richer, oaked Chardonnays pair nicely with cooked or roasted appetizers.  Don’t pair with bitter greens and vegetables, or capsaicin seasoned food such as many Indian, Chinese and Southeast Asian fares.

Popcorn with Butter or Parmesan cheese

Cheese Puffs or Cheetos

Peanuts, toasted almonds, roasted pistachios, and toasted sunflower seeds 

Pumpkin, Ricotta and Arugula Bruschetta  

Greek Sweet Potato Fries

Grilled (or fried) Apple and Brie Flatbread

Sliced apples or pears with almond or cashew butter

Cream Cheese Topped with Fig Jam to spread on regular Ritz or sesame seed crackers, or sesame seed sticks

Fresh or artificial steamed lobster with a soy dipping sauce (use toasted sesame oil and no red pepper)

Sliced avocados with a tuna mixture on top (canned tuna, mayo, red bell pepper, green onions and seasoning)

Creamy Avocado Dip with Onions

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