Riesling Appetizers (dry and off-dry)

Also Chablis, dry Vouvray/Chenin Blanc, dry Pinot Gris/Grigio, Cortese/Gavi di Gavi

Riesling has several different styles: dry, off dry, and sweet. Since sugar changes (lowers) the perception of acidity, the best food pairings also change.

Dry style might include Riesling from Finger Lakes New York, Alsace France, Clare Valley Australia, New Zealand and some Washington state Rieslings.

Off-dry style Rieslings would be German Rieslings from the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer region, e.g., Dr. Loosen, some Washington State Rieslings ( they have a sweetness graph on the bottle), Austrian, South African, and Italian Rieslings, These go well with Pacific Rim and Mexican spiced foods.

Appetizers to go with a Dry Style Riesling

Cheeses – Brie with rind, Brin D’Amour, Camembert with rind, Emmental, Feta, Garroxta, most goat cheeses, Muenster, Raclette, Reblochon, Saint-Nectaire, Swiss, Vacherin

Sliced apples or pears with blue cheese

Baked ham slices and crostini

Mussels in a White Wine Butter Sauce 

Smoked salmon with a creamy dill sauce or a sour cream caper sauce

Sea scallops with a spicy papaya salsa

Grilled peach and prosciutto apps

Grocery store sushi with a Vietnamese Fish Sauce or a Soy Ginger Dipping Sauce

Ham, Cheese, and Jam Sandwiches 

Ham and Roquefort Pinwheels – Blend together softened butter and roquefort in whatever proportion suits you. Spread mixture on ham slices (not prosciutto), roll up tight, and chill for several hours or overnight. Slice into quarter-inch rounds, top with baby sage leaf if available. Submitted by SG Seguret

Appetizers to go with an Off-Dry Style Riesling

Cheeses – Brick, Colby, Double Glouster, Edam, Fontina, Gorgonzola, Gouda, Gruyère, Havarti, Langres, Vermont Shepard, blue cheeses, cheese cake

Vinegar chips, Jalapeno Chips, Chex Mix Snacks

Spicy Mixed Olives 

Takeout sweet and sour shrimp, scallops, chicken, pork, Thai basil chicken, Thai or chinese dumplings

Peach bruschetta with goat cheese and honey

Fig and Blue Cheese Bruschetta 

A Cream Cheese Apple Dip

Shrimp with cocktail sauce

Bacon Wrapped Cherry Peppers 

Fried Tomatillos with a Creamy Cumin Dip

A dip made from 2:1 sour cream/mayonnaise plus dill and chopped up: mild banana peppers, pickled jalapeno, zesty dill pickles, kimchi, or Wickles Pickles or relish.

Nachos with Jalapeños

Jalapeño Poppers

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