Join us for a Wine Appy Aour to share and learn

A group of us wine lovers meet weekly via Zoom video conference for a social hour. Discussions seem to center around wine, food, people and current events. Most of us bring a wine and maybe a snack or appetizer and just spend a minute or two telling the others what we are eating and drinking just to start the conversation. You are welcome to join us – no charge, and see if you want to do this on a more regular basis. Don’t be shy!

If you have your own group of wine lover friends and want to have a private Zoom Wine Tasting or just a social gathering contact Rick by email at:

e.g. Susan, Carla and Dave, baroloquaffer

email where we should send your Zoom invitation

Date and time of when you want to attend Appy Aour

Name the brand or type of wine you will be having at this Appy Aour (if you know it already)
This helps moderator prepare any comments