(A SEER-tee-ko )
Synonyms: Arcytico, Assirtico, Assyrtico, Asurtico, and Asyrtiko

Wine Name: Assýrtiko

Background: Assýrtiko is a minerally tasting grape from Greece especially from the volcanic Santorini Island and some other Greek Islands. It is a unique grape in that it retains acidity when it ripens. Grown in ampeles, nest-like bushes very low to the ground, that protect the grape bunches from the hot sun and winds, these grapes produce both a bone-dry wine with citrus aromas and an earthy, mineral aftertaste. Sometimes the grape is used to produce sweet wines.

Classic Brands and Sources: Argyros, Boutari Winery (Santorini), Domaine Sigalas, Hatzidakis Santorini


Style #1 – typical Greek, dry style

Body – light

Acidity – medium

Sweetness – dry

Tannins – low


Wine and food pairing guidelines:
pairs well with medium acidic foods (eg. yogurt) and fresh herbs,

Foods and Entrees that usually pair:
seafood and shellfish with acidic sauces, Taziki, yogurt and sour cream dips, hummus, kebabs, chicken, pork and lamb with herbs,

Cheese Pairings:
Feta, goat’s cheese (fresh), Parmigiano-Reggiano, other acidic cheeses

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