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Synonyms: Carricanti, Catanese Bianco, Catarratto alla porta bianca di Sicilia, Catarratto amantidatu, Catarratto Mantellato, Catarratto Scalugnatu, Catarratto Scarugnatu, Nocera Bianca.

Wine Name: Carricante, Etna Bianco,

Background:   Growing on Sicily’s Mt Etna volcanic slopes for over a thousand years, this very dry white wine is gaining popularity as a varietal wine in its own right, similar to Sauvignon Blanc or Assyrtiko. Carricante wine offers refreshing citrus aromas – anything from lemon and lime to grapefruit to orange, as well as herbal notes such as mint and aniseed. In blends, the grape must be  60 % minimum in the standard Etna Bianco Wine and 80 % in Etna Bianco SuperioreThe most common grape it is blended with is Cattarrato,  a variety with which Carricante is often confused.

Classic Brands and Sources: Benanti, Ciro Biondi, Donnafugata, Firriato, Tenuta delle Terre Nere, Tornatore,


Style #1 – Dry

Body – Medium

Acidity – High

Sweetness – Very dry

Tannins – none







Wine and food pairing guidelines:

pairs well with highly acidic foods (eg. sauces with citrus or vinegar, vinaigrettes, yogurt) and fresh herbs,

Foods and Entrees that usually pair:

seafood and shellfish with acidic sauces, Tzatziki, yogurt and sour cream dips, hummus, kebabs, chicken, pork and lamb with herbs,

Cheese Pairings:

Feta, goat’s cheese (fresh), Parmigiano-Reggiano, other acidic cheeses

See also Appetizers to pair with light, dry lemony white wines