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Synonyms: Burgundi Lagrein, Lagrain, Lagrain Blauer, Lagrein Kretzer, Lagrino, Lagroin

Wine Name: Lagrein, Lagrein Scuro, Lagrein Dunkel, Lagrein Rosato, Lagrein Kretzer, Lagrein di Gries, Lagrein di Grieser

Background: This tannic red grape from northeast Italy in the Trentino-Alto Aldige region produces a very drinkable wine with sour plum, cherry and chocolate flavors with some herbalness and not unpleasant bitterness.

Classic Brands and Sources: Viticolori Alto Adige Co-op, Barone de Cles, Colterenzio Co-op, Muri Gries, Hoffstäter, Lageder, Thurnhof, Tiefenbruner, Peter Zemmer


Style #1 – typical

Body – medium

Acidity – high

Sweetness – dry

Tannins – high

Wine and food pairing guidelines:
Pairs with medium bodied, acidic dishes

Foods and Entrees that usually pair:
Pairs with chicken, game, veal, pork, lamb and heavier fish especially tuna and salmon, and shellfish with slightly acidic sauces

Cheese Pairings:
Epiosses, Feta (sheep’s milk), goat cheese, Gouda, Majorero (Spanish hard goat cheese) Mahon, Bucheron (French goat cheese), dry Jack cheese, cream cheese, Gouda, Neufchatel, Pont-L’Eveque, Raclette, Reblochon, Roquefort, Saint-Nectare, Vacherin