Synonyms: Filleri Tripoleos, Moschophilero, Moscophilero, Mosxofilero, Phileri Tripoleos

Wine Name: Moschofilero

Background: Moschofilero is an aromatic white grape of Greek origins with a pink/purple skin and quite spicy flavor with good acidity. It has white flower aromas, honeysuckle, violets, and rose petals. It is not given malolactic treatment. It is grown throughout much of Greece, but primarily in Peloponnese where it is traditionally used to make a dry and bold wine with much spice and perfume. It is characterized by a “rose garden’ bouquet and is usually paired with fresh fruit or fruit-based desserts. It makes still, sparkling, and dessert wines, and can have characteristics similar to Muscat/Moscato wines.

Classic Brands and Sources: Boutari, Skouras


Style #1 – typical Greek, dry styleBody – light

Acidity – medium

Sweetness – dry

Tannins – low


Wine and food pairing guidelines:
pairs well with medium acidic foods (eg. yogurt) and fresh herbs,

Foods and Entrees that usually pair:
seafood and shellfish with acidic sauces, grilled calamari, Taziki, yogurt and sour cream dips, hummus, kebabs, chicken souvlaki (grilled chicken on skewers) and Greek salad.

Cheese Pairings:
Feta, goat’s cheese (fresh), Manouri, a sheep’s milk “cream cheese”, Masseri, Myzithra, Ricotta (sheep’s milk), Gran Kinara and other acidic cheeses