(ver DAY hoe)
Synonyms: Verdejo Blanco, Gouvelo, Verdal Del Pais, Verdeja, Verdeja Blanca, Verdejo Palido, Verdelho

Wine Name: Verdejo, Rueda Verdejo, White Rioja

Background: Verdejo is probably originally from North Africa but grown primarily in Spain in the Rueda, Toro, Cigales and Rioja regions. Early Verdejo up until the 1980’s was made into sherry type wines since it oxidizes easily. Now through the efforts of Marqués de Riscal and Marqués de Griñon who brought it back from obscurity in the 1980’s, it is made into a full bodied white wine with pear overtones. With age, it may become nutty and honeyed in a few years like a sherry. It is often blended with Macebeo (Viura) and/or Sauvignon Blanc.

Classic Brands and Sources: Alvarez y Díaz, Belondrade y Lurton, Angel Lorenzo Cachazo, Marqués de Riscal, Vega de la Reina, Angel Rodríguez Vidal, Castilla la Vieja


Style #1 – young, fresh

Body – medium

Acidity – medium

Sweetness – dry but fruity

Tannins – low

Style #2 – aged 3+ years

Body – medium (+)

Acidity – low

Sweetness – dry but honeyed

Tannins – low

Wine and food pairing guidelines:
pairs well with less acidic, savory dishes with herbs

Foods and Entrees that usually pair:
fish/shellfish baked or poached with a savory sauce, or fried, frittatas, seafood pasta, polenta, pesto, white pizzas, risotto, savory soups, vegetable dishes

Cheese Pairings:
American, Colby, Mild cheddar, Velveeta, Double Glouchester (similar to mild cheddar), Fontina, Gouda, Manchego, Monterey Jack, Mozzarella, Provolone, Triple Creme, St André, Zamarano (Spanish sheep’s milk cheese), Brie and Camembert (without rinds)