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Synonyms:  Agostenga, Agostegna blanc, Brustiano bianco, Carbes, Carbesso, Favorita, Favorita bianca, Fourmentin, Formentino, Fourmentin, Garbesso, Grosse Clarette, Malvasia bianca, Malvasia grossa, Malvoisie, Malvoisie à Gros Grains, Malvoisie Corse, Malvoisie de Corse, Malvoisie Précoce d’Espagne, Piccabon, Piga, Pigato, Rolle, Rossese, Sibirkovski, Uva Sapaiola, Uva Vermentino, Valentin, Varlentin, Varresana bianca, Vennentino, Veressana bianca, Verlantin, Vermentino bianco, Vermentino Pigato

Wine Name: Vermentino, Vermentino di Gallura, Vermentino Di Sardegna, Riviera Ligure di Ponente Vermentino, Colli di Luni Vermentino, Candia dei Colli Apuani, Bolgheri Vermentino, Vermentino Nero

Background: Vermentino is an aromatic white Mediterranean grape best known for that grown on the island of Sardinia, but also on the coast of Italy (Liguria, Tuscany) and France (Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence and the island of Corsica). There are small pockets grown in California and Australia also. The grape is closely related by DNA studies to the Furmint grape of Hungary. The wine usually has aromas of peach and pear and crisp acidity, citrus, herbal and mineral flavors simiilar to Assyrtico of Greece. It is usually made unoaked and tends to be lower in alcohol. On Sardinia, the grape is also used for some sweet and some sparkling wines.

Classic Brands and Sources: Argiolas, Cantina Gallura, Contini, Cantina di Santadi, Piero Mancini, Sella & Mosca (Sardinia); Bruna, Antinori Guado al Tasso, Poggiotondo (Italy); Antoine Arena, Domaine Gioielli Blanc, Prelius di Volpaia (Corsica); Domaine Richeaume, Domaine de la Courtade, Chateau de Bellet, Paul Mas, Domaine Alain Chabanon, Domaine de la Courtade (France); Tablas Creek, Uvaggio (California)


Style #1 – typicalBody – medium (-)

Acidity – high

Sweetness – dry

Tannins – low to slight


Wine and food pairing guidelines:
Pairs well with acidic dishes and vegetables that have herbal components.

Foods and Entrees that usually pair:
Seafood, shellfish, pork and chicken with acidic sauces such as those based with lemon, yogurt and sour cream. Dips, olives

Cheese Pairings:
Feta, goat’s cheese (fresh), Parmigiano-Reggiano, other acidic cheeses

Appetizer Pairings:

See Appetizers that Pair with Vermentino