Vidal Blanc

Synonyms: None

Wine Name: Vidal Blanc, Vidal

Background: Vidal Blanc is a cold hardy white wine grape was developed by Jean Louis Vidal in the 1930’s. It is a cross between the French Ugni Blanc grape and a native American interspecies hybrid grape.

Vidal Blanc wine is quite acidic and fruity with citrus, pineapple and floral flavors. Cool weather Vidal is sometimes vinified to have a Riesling-like character. It can be made dry, off dry, semi-sweet or sweet. It is a popular, high producing vine grown mostly in Canada, the northeast U.S. and other east coast states.

Classic Brands and Sources: Arrowhead Spring, Jackson-Triggs, Inniskillin, Konzelmann, Peller Estates, Pillitteri Estates, Standing Stone, Swedish Hill


Style #1 – dry

Body – medium (-)

Acidity – high

Sweetness – dry but fruity

Tannins – low

Style #2 – off dry

Body – medium

Acidity – perceived medium

Sweetness – slightly sweet

Tannins – low

Style #3 – sweet dessert, Ice Wine

Body – full

Acidity – perceived low

Sweetness – sweet

Tannins – low

Wine and food pairing guidelines:
Dry Vidal pairs with acidic dishes while off-dry Vidal pairs better with savory, sweet and sour dishes, and lightly to moderately spiced (hot) dishes; Late Harvest and Ice wine styles are primarily dessert wines that do well on their own or with sweet desserts.

Foods and Entrees that usually pair:
dry – light seafood poached, sautéed or grilled with acidic sauces, poached salmon, chicken, salads with vinaigrette, smoked and cured meats. Asian food not heavily spiced
off dry – pork, chicken or duck with fruity sauce, ham, fruit salads, fruits, cold cuts, spicy cuisines such as Cajun, Creole, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican, Curries with coconut, Indian , Tex-Mex, foie gras
sweet – desserts, caramel, pâté, blue cheese and other salty cheeses, fruits with added sugar, bread pudding

Cheese Pairings:
dry – Brie with rind, Brin D’Amour, Camembert with rind, Emmental, Feta, Garroxta, most goat cheeses, Muenster, Raclette, Reblochon, Saint-Nectaire, Swiss, Vacherin
off dry – Brick, Colby, Double Glouster, Edam, Fontina, Gorgonzola, Gouda, Gruyère, Havarti, Langres, Vermont Shepard
sweet – any rich cheese, blue cheeses, “cheese cake”